The Third Lane Project

The construction of the Third Lane on A4 Venezia–Trieste is progressing daily: a valuable project that will provide the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the whole of Italy with a free-flowing and safer motorway. Construction works require every single driver’s utmost attention. Driving consciously and complying with speed limits are essential to avoid accidents and hazards that may jeopardise all travellers’ safety.

The construction of the third lane on the A4 stretch of motorway between Venice and Villesse (Gorizia), a strategic axis connecting the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, is a major engineering project for the whole of Italy. On completion of the works, in 2020, the infrastructure will guarantee traffic fluidity as well as pleasant and safe travels for drivers. Significant advantages for the environment, too: greater green areas, more acoustic barriers, less traffic on ordinary roads.

Third Lane Project in numbers
“Autovie Venete builds motorway infrastructures by deploying highly skilled technicians and experts”.