Question #20
Director of Traffic, Toll Collection and Maintenance

Why are there always long queues of lorries when there are roadworks?

Queues form because the infrastructure isn’t able to cope with such a high volume of traffic, especially heavy vehicles, from central and eastern Europe. And this traffic is set to increase exponentially every year. The worst days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Queues start forming in the morning as lorry drivers set out almost simultaneously after their mandatory rest period. And when there are mid-week holidays and long weekends, the situation just gets worse because the restrictions on articulated lorries are different throughout Europe – every country stops traffic on different days. Tailbacks and traffic jams inevitably occur, especially at the Austrian and Slovenian borders.

Question #1
Why are there no electric vehicle charging stations in the service areas?
Question #2
Why is so little traffic information available in real time along the motorway?
Question #3
Are heavy vehicles subject to the same tolls as cars?
Question #4
Why don’t you introduce a system where motorists pay a token amount annually, like the vignette?
Question #5
Why do people dump their rubbish at rest areas?
Question #6
Why don’t you ever see men at work?
Question #7
Why is the work taking so long?
Question #8
What do you do to safeguard the countryside from pollution?
Question #9
With traffic so congested, how do the emergency services get to the scene of an accident where men are working and there is no hard shoulder?
Question #10
Why are motorways always closed on Saturday nights for work?
Question #11
What happens if you don’t pay the motorway tolls? Do foreigners have to pay fines too?
Question #12
How can you find out if there are tailbacks or roadworks?
Question #13
Instead of installing more speed cameras, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to increase the number of patrols?
Question #14
How many CCTVs are there to control traffic?
Question #15
Does the money from the tolls go towards maintenance?
Question #16
If my car breaks down, what should I do?
Question #17
Why are the service stations in such a terrible state, especially the toilets?
Question #18
Why are so few foreign heavy vehicles stopped and checked?
Question #19
Why do I still have to pay motorway tolls when there are tailbacks and congestion due to the roadworks?